Monday, March 16, 2009

Mikes New Hot Wheels!

Mike has dreamed of owning a Rhino for so long but they are pretty pricey so he put that dream on hold. Then he came across this little baby and he was so excited he sold his four wheeler and bought it. It's a golf cart that has been amped up and had four wheeler tires put on it. Mike was so excited to use it that we went to his cabin to take it out. At the days end London was so tired she fell asleep. Doesn't she look comfy?


  1. I can't believe London fell asleep like that! She is so funny! Let really get together soon. I would love to see your cute new house!
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  2. Cute blog...Thanks for coming tonight! Sorry it was such short notice though. You should post some pic of your new house, i'm sure it's adorable!!