Saturday, August 21, 2010

The nightmare that is FAMILY PICTURES!

Once a year I stress out about family pictures. Where to do them. What every one should wear. How hair should be done, the list goes on and on. Despite all of my worry the pictures alway turn out great. The last time we had our pictures taken London was a sweet little 22 month old and did just as we asked her to do fast forward one year.......COMPLETE MADNESS!
This year I decided to add even more stress to the family photo by having them taken at our house. I love the pictures of the families in the parents bed every one looking so clam and at peace with their little new born. London did everything but hold still and give us a sweet smile. See was jumping around, hiding behind us, sticking out her tongue, closing her eyes, and then there is my favorite screaming and crying. Needless to say this year I am not exactly confident we are going to have the great family picture I had planned in my head.


  1. I hear ya Redding was horrible did everything but smile.those dang kiddos, I heard three is the new two and man I believe it

  2. I bet they are going to be adorable! I can't wait to see them...PLUS I have a gift for you. I really need to give it to you!