Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hello 911, yes I am having a heart attack!!!!

It started out like any other day. I woke up and made London breakfast, cleaned my house, played with some friends had lunch and then went to put London down for her nap. As I am closing her blinds I looked down into my back yard to admire our nice new grass and this is what I see (Beware what you are about to see is extremely disturbing.)
Yes, it is a huge (in my opinion) SNAKE. Oh how I hate snakes. I called Mike luckily he was doing business near by so he came home. I think he was worried that I might stop breathing.
What a good husband. I begged him to kill it. Sorry to any snake lovers out there but rest assured he would not. He said "I am not that cruel." He walked it the near by Nature Preserve. Now I am scared that it will come back. I don't know how I will ever be able to enjoy my back yard again. I am very sad.


  1. Eeek! I too, HATE snakes. I have been traumatized since I was a child. I was always volunteered to cut the grass around the foundation of the house with scissors and one day while I was snipping away, minding my own business, I snipped one in half anf a half snake came wriggling out of the grass!!!!!!! I have never screamed to loud before. AND of course to this day, can't stand the sight (or thought for that matter) WHew, long comment. Oh, and you totally should post pics of your amazing handiwork in the yard.

  2. EWWW! I HATE SNAKES! At least it wasn't that andaconda? that we saw today! Sorry I was so lame today I actually threw up on my way home! BLAH! I hate migraines! Thanks again though lets get together next week! Maybe you can come swimming or something! I will talk to you soon!

  3. oh Fallon you make me laugh. Granted I would have screamed if I saw that in my backyard as well. What a good husband you have who came home to save you. Les would have just laughed at me...Well, I hope it doesn't come back!