Thursday, June 25, 2009

Busy as a Bee

May and June have been such crazy busy months: We have played in the sprinkles.

We have been Rock climbing
We went to Gateway Discovery with our friends.

We played in all the rain.

We went to Lake Powell.

London and her papa.

London Loved holding the Flag

Mike wake boarding
London and daddy
We did a little cliff diving.
Mikes grandpa died. It was really sad we will miss him so much.

Mike took the young men to youth conference.

We went camping with my family. (Pictures to come)

I went to see Il Divo. It was amazing.

I had a birthday. I turned the big 24. Mike was so sweet he made me a delicious breackfast and had the table set so cute.

We have been so busy but we have had a blast.


  1. Fallon you are too cute! I love all the pics! In response to your comment on our blog, noooooooo we are not moving - no way! We would never move without Mikey! That is a condo we're renting in Park City with Kolter's brothers for the weekend.

  2. Holy cow you have been busy. I love the little birthday surprise Mike did for you. Lucky Girl! Les definitely needs to take notes! Well, I'm so glad you posted. I've been checking your blog hoping you would post soon and I love all the pictures! Well, I need your address so you can either txt it to me or email me.

  3. Such great pictures! My favorites were the ones of London burrying Mike at the beach! What a good sport! :)

    London is lucky to have such fun, amazing parents! You guys are awesome!