Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ode to Summer!

Today I when I woke up I was freezing! I ran down stairs to check the temperature. 65 degrees! Its official today I turned on my HEATER and in doing this realized another summer of my life has passed. Although I am sad to see it go I am looking forward to seeing snow and snuggling down with my little Lou. It has been a great summer we have been able to go and do so many fun things together as a family. After all isn't that what this crazy life is all about. Growing our family relationships. When Mike and I were meeting with our bishop before we got married he gave us some great advise he told us "life will get busy and it will be easy to let your marriage turn into a roommate situation. Then you will become two strangers simply living together each going about there own life." He then told us the best way to avoid this is to continue dating each other and involving yourselves in wholesome recreational activities." Mission accomplished. We will be married 3 years in December and I definitely love Mike more and am happier then the day we got married. I think he would say the same thing. Anyway here are some of our highlights from this awesome summer we have had.

We went to the Dinosaur Museum. Here Lou is growling like a T-Rex.

I said "Say Cheese" and she did and then wouldn't stop saying cheese.We went to the demolition derby and Lou loved it when the cars would crash into each other she would throw her arms in the air.

We took Lou to Gardner Village to ride the horses since every time she See's a horse she gets so excited. Well the second I sat her on one she freaked out and started screaming so we went to the petting zoo instead. We had better luck in there.

We worked in our yard.

And we went to the Living Planet Aquarium about a million times. She absolutely loves it. She calls the sting rays the "touch ems" because she always wants to touch em.

Wheeler Farm. Now those are some stinky animals. Can't say that I love going there.

This was a special 4th of July. Mikes grandpa that served in the navy during World War II died in June. So Mikes whole family made a little float in Honor of him for the parade in his town. The parade he went to every year. The great grand kids all wore shirts with Buds picture on it. As we walked the parade route it was really emotional. People would stand up and clap for our sweet little grandpa who served his country and community so well.

Playing with glow sticks before the fireworks started.
Mike and I went to California for my cousins wedding and decided to make a real vacation out of it. We went Kayaking through some caves at La Jolla. It was really scary. There were HUGE Sea Lions that would swim right under our kayak. Then as we are paddling back to shore our guide say look down. I regretfully did only to see 6 foot tiger shark swimming all around us. Our guide said they aren't aggressive but whatever they are still sharks and I am freakin.

We also took a boat out to Catalina Island to do a little scuba diving. It was really beautiful. Our under water camera was just a little disposable so the color isn't great. We were swimming through giant kelp forest that where 50 feet tall. It was really green and beautiful.

We also went to Six Flags which was just crazy. But we had a really good time.
Last but definitely not least the Wedding at the San Diego Temple. Wow it is such a beautiful Temple. I was excited to get a chance to go back. Their Sealer was wonderful and said a few things I will never forget. I left there with such a love for all my relatives. For all those that have gone before and for all those who are on there way. It really is amazing how we are all linked together. It is easier to love a stranger after going to the Temple. It makes me remember that they are my brothers and sisters and we are all doing our best to make it through this life.

Good Bye Summer!


  1. London is such a doll she looks just like you. It was good to see you the other day.

  2. I LOVE this post. You guys have the cutest family and little London is so gorgeous! What a fun summer you had! We really need to get together soon. Hey, speaking of getting together - what happened that night we were supposed to go camping? Did you get lost or did something come up? We were worried about ya. Call me or have Mike call Kolt!

  3. Hey Fallon! Your little girl is so adorable! She seems as adventurous as you and Mike! It looks like you guys had a great summer! Next time you are in San Diego, give me a call or something and we can meet up! Hope all is well, Whitney

  4. Looks like you had a great summer and did some fun things! That's awesome you guys scuba dive, i would like to but I'm too scared! :) Your daughter is so stinkin cute by the way!

  5. I'm glad you posted all these pictures! I loved looking at them! You have such an exciting life! (jealous!) :)

  6. wow! You have been busy. I love your post. It was so fun to read everything you've been up to. It make me excited to get to do things with my little Eden. I can't wait. I love what you said about relationships...it's so true. I can't believe you've been married for almost 3 years! Time flies. Well, once I venture down from the mountains I have you at the top of my list to call to go to lunch or hang out cuz I'm officially a stay at home mom and lovin' every minute of it.