Monday, March 1, 2010

Hellooo World!

After four months of being out of touch with the rest of the world I am finally back. As most everyone knows by now I am 20 weeks along and am finally feeling better. It was an extremely long and depressing 4 months but I made it through thanks to such great friends and family. Thank you to all of those who came and took London to play for the day, brought dinners and cleaned my house. It meant the world to me.
My last post was in October so there is a lot to catch up on. Halloween was a blast! Mike was Michael Jackson. I was a cave woman and London was a Elephant. We had so much fun trick or treating with all of the cousins. It only took London about two houses to figure out what it was all about. Then there was no stopping her as we pulled her in the wagon she would yell go! go! go! We couldn't go fast enough for her.
All of the cousins knocking on the door. How could you not give candy to this bunch of cuties?!Halloween was about the last day that I felt good. The next few months might as well not have happened. Because I am usually the one taking the pictures Thanksgiving and Christmas pictures are scarce. We did have a good Thanksgiving my mom, dad and sister joined Mike, me and London at the Ulrich cabin and had a small and relaxing dinner. The next day we went and cut down our Christmas Tree.

(The only 2 pictures I have of Thanksgiving is of Mike and London in the hot tub.)
After Thanksgiving our next big day is my sweet Londons 2nd Birthday! I was so sick but there was no way I was not going all out for her special day. We had a big party for her at her favorite place in the world the Aquarium. It was so great they did everything for us so the only thing I had to do is show up. They played games with the kids, took them on a tour of the Aquarium dished the cake and Ice cream and kept all of the little ones under control while London opened her gifts it was Fantastic.

The party is held in a sunken ship it is really cute. Here are just a few of the 15 two-year olds that came. It was crazy but really fun. I cant believe my baby is two.
Next was Christmas which I would have been totally fine to skip this year. I was so sick the only thing I could do was lay on the couch and try not to die. Besides me being sick it just seemed like a weird Christmas no one really cared that it was Christmas. Which was good in a way. No one really cared about presents or the fluff. It was much more centered around charity and service. Still Santa definitely found London and as he was putting her toys out for her he realized he had gone a little overboard and asked us to put some away in a closet for another day. I wish I had some pictures to share of our Christmas day but like I said I was focusing on not dieing. I did capture one in the car on the way back home from the grandparents house fast asleep holding on to her new Woodie doll and her one and only Bear.The next day I realized I didn't take any picture so i hurried and snapped this one of her in her new ball house (that she call her castle) wearing her princess dress reading a book. I asked her "What are you doing London?" she said "Just readin a book laxin in my castle" Laxin is 2 year old for relaxing.
I almost forgot our very exciting New Years party! It was great it was Mike, me and London. Wow! watch out I know. Whats so funny is that it was perfect. As Mike and I Laid in bed at about 11 o'clock after falling asleep watching a movie I decided I wanted to stay up and watch the Ball drop because I believe it or not had never seen it. Mike tried to warn me that it was nothing special but i still wanted to see it. So for the next hour we laid there joking about how much our lives had changed during these last four years comparing our single lives to our married one. As much fun as we had single, life is so much more fun married. We have such good times together and no one can make us laugh harder than London. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Happy New Year!! The ball dropped and mike was right, Lame. We were asleep by 12:05. It was a great night.

By Valentines day I was feeling a little better. So I wanted to do a little something special for my family to say thanks for taking such good care of me while I was sick so I made them a cute little Valentines Day breakfast with Pink heart shaped pancakes, Strawberries and cream and bacon. It was delicious.

(Warning: the following picture of me is really scary keep in mind I am still sick.)

So that's it. I find out what I am having on Wednesday so I will let you all know.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Can I just tell you how much I can relate to you right now. I am 18 Weeks along and it was a hard winter! I also find out on Wed what we are having. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy for you that you are feeling better! and maybe a little sunshine will help too :) Good luck and your little London is as adorable as ever!

  2. I feel for you Fallon! I'm close to where you are in pregnancy and between the nausea and being on "rest" with this pregnancy... I haven't stepped foot out of my p.j.'s! I was kinda relieved to see someone else going through the same thing!

    Your pics from the Holidays are adorable! I must say, you make one HOT cave woman! Your leopard print eye make-up is AMAZING! What a cute elephant and funny Michael Jackson too! We miss you guys! You've gotta let me know what you're having too!

  3. Oh my I feel so bad for you being sick. I have only thrown up once and I think it was from bad food. No wonder I have already gained ten Ibs though. It is so fun that you are having another baby. I can't wait to start a cute little family like yours!!

  4. I am so glad that you are feeling better. Your valentine's breakfast was so adorable. i can't wait to hear the sex of the baby.

  5. Congrats! I had no idea that you were prego again! Yeah for you. I totally know how you were feeling, my pregnancies are soooo horrible that I can only have my two kiddos! I'm glad that you are feeling better and that everyone is taking good care of you!

  6. so much fun...if you can be that fun while being deathly ill...I'm mucho impressed! Okay now that you are feeling better lets go to next week. I'm free anytime. Txt me. For real!