Saturday, March 13, 2010

Potty Training: Day 5

I am starting to get really tired of asking "Do you need to potty?" My whole life is revolving around the potty and I am exhausted. I can't complain London is doing way better than I ever imagined. Today I tried waiting until she told me she needed to go. That ended up in an accident on my floor. Then she decided it would be a great idea to stomp around in it. That's when I lost all patients. Can ANYONE tell me how long it takes before they tell you on their own that they need to go?

As a adorable side note as I am writing this post London keeps coming in and out of the office and every time she leaves she says "OK, bye mom. I love you, too much." and then she came in with a blanket over her head and said "Mom, I get married, married in the temple." How sweet is that? I love this girl so much.


  1. She is so stinking cute. Melt my heart. Well, I think she's doing great. My sister's 3 year old (who has been potty trained for over a year) still needs us to ask him if he has to go potty. he usually tells us No but we make him to anyway and then he'll say "Oh i guess I did have to go...silly me." So I think it may be awhile before she can tell you when, but you are doing great.

  2. It takes a little while before they can tell you they have to go potty. Most of the time I would tell Caden lets go potty! I've tried the waiting until they tell you but that has never worked for me! Good luck!

  3. It takes a while before they can recognize that they need to go AND have the will to stop playing to go and do it. It does get easier though, you don't have to sit them on the potty every 15 minutes, you get longer breaks as you go and then soon you will only be telling them to go about 5 times a day or so. I have to say though, it sounds like she has been amazing!